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Dazzling Discoveries

Bring these  after school classes to your school

These classes are offered in more than a dozen schools throughout New York City. Dazzling Discoveries science, technology and engineering classes can come to your school either during the school day or as part of your after school program.

Through experiments, projects and discussions kids investigate magnetism, chemical reactions, electricity, gravity, outer space, wild weather, animal habitats, air pressure, dinosaurs, light waves, and many other dazzling real life topics. Launch a rocket, erupt a volcano, create a science circus, make a battery, dig for fossils, build boats, make invisible ink, test the power of air -- explore these and other exciting topics with Dazzling Discoveries’ hands-on progam!

In every class, students make, and take home, a project.   

Super Science  – for grades PreK-1 Children uncover science hidden in their day-to-day world. Explore rainbows, wheels, gravity, natural disasters, air pressure, sound, water, outer space and other topics from our visible environment.

Extreme Science for grades 2 - 3 Children explore the extremes in science – wild weather, science magic, chemical reactions, light and lasers,  gems and minerals, speed and impact, and many other extreme topics from the world around us.

Motors & Machines – for grades 3-5 These classes focus on how thing work. From making their own batteries to building a simple robot, students explore electricity and circuitry, robotics, gears and levers,  simple machines, motors and other related topics. Some projects are complex and take several weeks to complete.

Crazy Constructions - for all ages

Design and build towers, bridges, houses, roller coasters, furniture, vehicles and other super structures with Dazzling Discoveries' Crazy Constructions class. Using plastic bricks, wood, paper and many other materials, we build while learning engineering.