Learn about our two styles, both assembled entirely in-house at our facility in Manhattan.


We make two styles of face shields, each with different style headbands. Both secure around the back of the head with elastic, both use the same transparent PET plastic for the shield. They are both easy to clean.



  • 3D printed headband - Rigid plastic band rests on forehead, holding shield a little bit away from forehead. This style has an open space between the shield and the headband. It is a bit bulkier and sets shield farther from forehead than the laser cut version. Best for routines that are more sedentary or require less head movement (i.e cashier, bank teller, reception)
  • Laser cut headband - PET plastic headband attached to shield rests directly against forehead. This style keeps the shield closer to the face, without a gap at the top. It is slightly lighter weight than the 3D printed headband style. Best for routines that require frequent movement and bending (i.e nursing home, childcare staff)


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Face Shield