Dazzling Discoveries

STEM Education Center


Learn to program robots or design something to print on our 3D printers or look up engineering techniques to use with our hands-on projects.


Take it apart, see how it works, use the parts for something else - lots of tinkering, crafting and creativity

3D Printing

Learn to use our 3D printers to make parts and pieces for many of our projects.

A place to explore, create and learn.

For kids. For adults. For families. 

971 Columbus Avenue (near 108th St)
917-288-9975  Dazzlingdiscoveries@gmail.com


Build it - test it - see it work.  Practice the principles of design and construction and then apply them to creations of your own.


Observe and experiment  through hands on activities that get kids excited about science.

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June 4 - CAMP DAY - public schools are closed.   3D printing, science, etc.

June 8 Camp begins. Sign up by the day or by the week. Pick your days.

June 14 - STEM street fair - all day - Columbus Ave bet 107th & 108th

Time to register for SUMMER STEM CAMP for  June, July, Aug, Sept. Send an email to Dazzlingdiscoveries@gmail.com to get the registration form.