Downloadable creative project packets that use simple materials to explore engineering principles

What is Engineering with Paper?

Downloadable project packets that guide hands-on building. Follow on-screen or printed.

(No printing necessary!)

Cut, fold & tape paper to build versatile shapes, approach STEM challenges and build playful projects

FREE hands-on workshops!

Create your own toys, games, mechanisms and more. Each project teaches a toolkit for building unlimited projects

Creative STEM activities with paper, tape & scissors


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What topics do you teach?

Support your content with hands-on creativity

Forces & Motion, Roller Coasters 

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All Project Thumbnails_roller

Cities, Neighborhoods, Communities

Simple Machines, Playground Design

All Project Thumbnails_paper straw playg

Animal Characteristics

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Ecosystem, Biomes, Habitats

All Project Thumbnails_Animal
All Project Thumbnails_creatures.jpg

Urban Planning , Architecture 

All Project Thumbnails_paper straw playg

Mission to Mars, Space Exploration

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All Project Thumbnails_cityscape.jpg
All Project Thumbnails_Animal

More projects coming soon! Looking for a specific theme or curriculum topic?

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Project Themes

  • Forces & Motion, Roller Coasters

  • Simple Machines, Playground Design

  • Neighborhoods, Communities

  • Animal Characteristics

  • Ecosystem, Biomes, Habitats

  • Urban Planning, Architecture

  • Space Exploration, Mission to Mars

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