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How does it work?

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Teach core skills that empower builders of all ages to get started, explore their creativity & learn principles of engineering through hands-on activities that use simple supplies

What can you do with Engineering with Paper projects?

How do you teach these projects?

Focus on versatile shapes and accessible materials for unlimited projects by teaching core knowledge to get started, create successful projects and learn from hands-on building

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and why?

Teaching hands-on learning with simple supplies levels the playing field so everyone can learn and grow through hands-on creativity

Empower creative exploration with an accessible and versatile approach

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Free and low cost downloads

As seen in the NY Times! 

Projects by Engineering with Paper creators Godwyn Morris & Paula Frisch

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ny times 4 projects.JPG

Response from teachers: 

This has been a great way of working on directional skills, reading a model and building dexterity and confidence. After seeing how incredible Engineering with Paper was I talked to my principal and asked if the school could buy the rest and he agreed. I just wanted you to know how much I and my students have enjoyed Engineering with Paper projects.

Tess, K-7 STEAM Teacher

"The Engineering with Paper projects have been a great hit with my students and a lifesaver for me. They work great having to teach dual modality because students at home can do them as easily as in person. So glad I bought them!"

Laura, K-5 STEM Teacher

Thanks for a really useful and fun Saturday workshop--it was exactly the speed and interactivity I needed this Saturday morning (on the west coast).

Matt, Lower School STEM & Technology Integration Instructor

Such great ideas! I love that anyone can do this with so few materials!

Kathy, STEM Teacher

These are perfect for the send home activities I want to do at my school!

Ann, STEM Teacher

I love this! I have found so many great ideas on your site.

Jennifer, STEM Teacher

Loved this! I found so many great ideas on your site. I can't wait to try these with my students

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