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STEM Camps

Camp by the DAY or WEEK

Camp dates
Every date you need.  Camp is open when your school is closed.  Holidays, conference days, or any other reason.  Weekdays March, April, May, June and all summer  - all the dates! You pick.

Register for one day or many. You choose.

for kids & teens

Questions? Check out our camp FAQ's page.

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Kids building projects

Science & Engineering
Ages 5-10

Explore 3D printing, engineering and science through creative hands-on projects. Launch, build, mix and learn about all types of science and engineering.  New projects every day so you can come for one day or many. In person camp includes use of our 3D printers.  Everything is hands on learning.  Make color changing potions and safe explosions,  build bridges and other structures, examine animals as engineers, design games and interactive sculptures and much much more.   


Youth Camp
5-10 yr

Youth Camp

Kids building projects

Digital Design & Creativity
Ages 11

Teen Camp
11-15 yr

Combine electronics, digital tools and everyday supplies to create hands on projects in our Teen Camp. Learn to use design software, then use our laser cutter or 3D printers to produce parts for your project. Work with basic materials too, including cardboard, wood and acrylic. Robotics and game design are also available.

Teen Camp

Question? Contact us   (917)288-9975

Pricing per child



single 6hr camp day



per day if you register for 5 or more days

5 Session Package


per person pre-pay for 5 days. 

Kids building projects

All pricing options are per child

Sessions must be used within the vacation period.

See Registration Form for more details

What is a typical day at Dazzling Discoveries?

Dazzling Discoveries STEM Camp provides a uniquely creative and thoughtful approach to hands-on learning. Our mission is to teach children and teens the skills they need to design, build and explore. A typical camp day involves making creative projects to take home, conducting science experiments, learning 3D printing, playing outdoors, making crafts and more! 


 From building cardboard “hurricane proof” houses (which kids then “test” with a garden hose in  our private backyard) to designing walking robotic creatures using 3D printed parts and motors, Dazzling Discoveries science, technology, and engineering Camp gives children a creative way to learn new skills, explore individual interests and excite their imaginations.

Weather permitting, camp days always include trips to the local playground and outdoor time in our private backyard.

Children should bring their own lunch. Afternoon snack is provided.

Visit the Camp FAQ's page or email us at

Summer Break Camps: Welcome

A look at our Camp program through the years

Contact us with inquiries!

(917) 288-9975

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