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We are a STEM Education Center and creative resource for families, kids & educators in New York City and beyond. Our mission is to make hands-on creative learning accessible for builders of all ages. 

What is Dazzling Discoveries?

The Team

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Godwyn Morris started Dazzling Discoveries in 2002 to provide hands-on learning opportunities to students and teachers in New York City. What began as a small after-school program has grown into a system of hundreds of students, two storefront locations, partnerships with dozens of schools, a year-round STEM camp for kids and teens, as well as two product lines that empower teachers to incorporate hands-on projects into their lessons. Nearly two decades later, Dazzling Discoveries, now run by Godwyn Morris and Paula Frisch, has established itself as a unique resource for bringing hands-on learning into homes and classrooms through accessible and affordable projects. 

Godwyn Morris & Paula Frisch

We are...

Dazzling Discoveries STEM Education Center

971 Columbus Ave NYC (between 107th & 108th st)

Skill Mill NYC Digital Fabrication Studio 

949 Amsterdam Ave NYC (between 106th & 107th st)

DazzLinks Cardboard Engineering Kits

Ships nationwide!

Engineering with Paper 

Downloadable project packets

Why 4 different names?

Because we are committed to STEM learning for all ages, in NYC and beyond!

Our locations:

Dazzling Discoveries is our STEM classroom for kids,

Skill Mill NYC is our makerspace-style studio for teens & adults, 

Our products:

DazzLinks are cardboard building kits we invented

Engineering with Paper is a library of downloadable project packets 

Dazz Disc and Skill Mill New logo for we
Dazz Disc and Skill Mill New logo for we
Dazz Disc and Skill Mill New logo for we
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Contact us

(917) 288-9975

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