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Get all the Projects, Packets & Technique pages in one place with the Everything Bundle. A great way to dive into the Engineering with Paper approach. Start by teaching a few versatile shapes then integrate them into numerous open-ended projects. This bundle provides instructions for dozens of shapes and hands-on projects that can be used again and again to build unlimited creations. Our simple instructions help teach foundational principles of engineering and paper-based creativity. 


No printer? No problem! You can follow all instructions on-screen with regular copy paper. 

If printing, we recommend printing your packet without scaling. Pages are sized to 8.5" x 11".



- Entire library of Technique Pages: Folding & Cutting Guide, Basic Shapes, Tracks, Trays & Boxes, Accessories, Cityscape, Furniture, Structural Components, Tubes and Straws with Connectors, Beams, Beams with Trays

- Catapult

- Simple Machines Packet

- Mini Home Packet

- Aerodynamics Bundle: Parachute, Copter & Flipper

- Creatures Packet

- Wheel & Axle Bundle: Vertical Axle Spinner, Rolling Vehicle, Horizontal Axle Spinner

- Animal Habitat Packet

- Gravitational Forces Bundle: Balance, Tilting Maze, Ramp

- Cityscape Packet

- Playground Packet

- Roller Coaster Packet

- Be Anything Hat Project 

- Storytelling Bundle: Cylinder Puppet, Stick Puppet, String Puppet, Finger Puppet

- Bridge Bundle: Weight-Bearing Experiment, Fixed Bridge, Movable Bridge, Truss Bridge


Additional Supplies Needed:

Paper, scissors, tape, (optional) markers or colored pencils or crayons

Everything Bundle (updated March 2022)

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