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Engineer rolling, spinning, tipping, crazy contraptions with your class using DazzLinks Beams Classpack Contraptions Kit! Use these durable, eco-friendly cardboard beams  to explore engineering structures, simple machines, chain reactions and more.  Use the wooden dowels, pipe cleaners and fasteners to easily assemble towers, marble run (marbles included) vehicles (wheels included), catapult and anything else you can imagine. 


This kit is suitable for 20 children and recommended for ages 8+. This kit is a great engineering resource for classes, STEM clubs, corporate team building activities home school group, scout groups, and school clubs.


Kit includes 96 long beams, 64 short beams, 70 long dowels, 50 short dowels, 8 marbles, 40 pipe cleaners, 100+ rubber bands and 100 metal fasteners. Includes a DazzLinks Quick Start Guide and access to our growing online library of project instructions


All DazzLinks Beams and Shapes are made from sturdy cardboard that can be used again and again. To keep them in great condition do not tape or draw on DazzLinks.

DazzLinks Beams, Classpack Contraptions Kit

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