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Build dozens of creations with the DazzLinks Shapes Cardboard Classroom Kit. This open-ended building kit is designed to inspire creative projects and spark imaginations. Connect these durable cardboard shapes with metal fasteners to explore simple machines, creatures and mechanisms. This kit is complete with an assortment of different sized circles, triangles and rectangles. This kit is suited to 20+ builders ages 6+.



  • Assorted cardboard shapes (circles, triangles, rectangles)
  • Access to our growing online library of projects & instructions


This kit is available in cardboard or plastic. Plastic is more durable, cardboard is more flexible.


All DazzLinks Beams and Shapes are made from sturdy cardboard that can be used again and again. To keep them in great condition do not tape or draw on DazzLinks.

DazzLinks Shapes, Cardboard Classroom Kit

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