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Simple, versatile and accessible. Straws, Tubes and Brackets can be used for unlimited engineering projects. From bridge building challenges, to chemical structure models, to amusement park and playground design prototypes, these instruction pages help teach foundational skills with just paper and tape (and optional paper clips). 


Techniques are the core of the Engineering with Paper methodology. This approach teaches students engineering skills through versatile shapes that empower hands-on understanding of STEAM concepts and help teach foundational principles of engineering and paper-based creativity.


No printer? No problem! You can follow all instructions on-screen with regular copy paper. 

If printing, we recommend printing your packet without scaling. Pages are sized to 8.5" x 11".



-Step-by-step instructions for building Paper Tubes, Paper Brackets, Paper Straws and Paper Clip Brackets


Additional Supplies Needed:

Paper, scissors, tape, paper clips (optional)

Paper Straws, Tubes & Brackets: DIY Building Sticks with Connectors

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