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Virtual & In-Person Options for

Summer 2021 Camp

June - September

Let us know if you are interested in learning more!

Summer Break Camps

Weekdays June 7 - September 17, 2021

Camp by the day with in-person and virtual options available all summer.  You select the days you need.  Our camp fits your schedule.  Different projects every day. In-person camps adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols and include ample outdoor activities, weather permitting. Virtual programs are completely interactive and involve hands-on projects, games and movement activities. Outdoor and water time in our enclosed backyard and nearby neighborhood playground. 

Question? Contact us   (917)288-9975

Pricing per child


1 virtual 1/2 day session


5 virtual 1/2 day sessions


in person 6 hr day


All pricing options are per child

Sessions must be used within the vacation period .

See Registration Form for more details


Camp is divided into two age groups

Youth Camp

ages 5-10

Teen Camp

ages 11-17


What is a typical day at Dazzling Discoveries?

Dazzling Discoveries STEM Camp provides a uniquely creative and thoughtful approach to hands-on learning. Our mission is to teach children and teens the skills they need to design, build and explore. A typical camp day involves making creative projects to take home, conducting science experiments, learning 3D printing, playing outdoors, making crafts and more! 


 From building cardboard “hurricane proof” houses (which kids then “test” with a garden hose in  our private backyard) to designing walking robotic creatures using 3D printed parts and motors, Dazzling Discoveries science, technology, and engineering Camp gives children a creative way to learn new skills, explore individual interests and excite their imaginations.

Weather permitting, camp days always include trips to the local playground and outdoor time in our private backyard.

Children should bring their own lunch. Afternoon snack is provided.

Summer Break Camps: Welcome

Contact us with inquiries!

971 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10025

(917) 288-9975

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