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Virtual Camps

for Kids & Teens

Registration is now open for weekly classes, one time workshops and holiday camp.

Every session is run live by our trained instructors. 

Choose the number of sessions you need. Select sessions that fit your schedule.

 ages 5-12

Hands-On Activities:  Science & Engineering Adventures

Sign up for one session or several

   Join us for everything from safe explosions to toppling towers, outer space adventures to under the sea explorations. Every class is filled with interactive build your own science and engineering experiences.   Each session includes a unique topic and lots of making and mixing.  From outer space to dinosaurs to wild weather your child will be fully engaged by our teachers for the entire class.  You will be amazed at all the hands on fun activities we can do together.

Supplies: Household supplies including Paper, tape, scissors, string, pennies & kitchen items baking soda, vinegar, soap and more. We offer an optional supply box for an additional fee.

Price: Choose the number of sessions.  $28 per hour  or $25 per hour when you pre-pay for 5 or more hours.  Use the sessions when they fit your schedule.  You choose when to attend - we run  classes after school, weekends and during holidays.   

Choose Multiplayer game design, 3D Modeling or Machine Learning 

Ages 11-17

you must commit to a sequence for these classes

Digital Design: Learn to use Fusion 360, the professional digital modeling and engineering program for anyone who wants to learn to design real objects. Fusion 360 is one of the most comprehensive CAD (computer aided design) programs available. Learn 3D modeling and engineering fundamentals.  You will need a computer, not a chromebook or Ipad, for this class. NO prior digital design experience necessary.

Machine Learning - Teach Your Computer

Teach your computer to follow your instructions. You will learn to use Google's Teachable Machines software which lets you create computer programs that can make decisions based on setting you "teach" it.   You can use images, sounds or motions to control the outcome.  View examples.

Multiplayer game design 

create your own multiplayer games while also learning to code.


Teen Camp


Question? Contact us   (917)288-9975

Pricing per child & per month


All pricing options are per child

Sessions must be used within a month of purchase

See Registration Form for more details


5 Sessions


10 Sessions


1 Session

What is Virtual Camp?

Dazzling Discoveries is committed to providing a uniquely creative and thoughtful approach to hands-on learning, whether in person or on-screen.


We teach children and teens the skills they need to design, build and explore through screen-led camp sessions. Our virtual programs guide campers through hands-on creative projects and STEM challenges. Join us for playful projects, excited imaginations and summer fun!

Register for Kids Camp by the session

Register for Teen Camp by the week

Summer Break Camps: Welcome

A look at our Camp program through the years

Contact us with inquiries!

(917) 288-9975

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